Dr. James Dennison



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Welcome to my website! I'm a Research Fellow at the European University Institute and Associate Director of the Observatory of Public Attitudes to Migration of the Migration Policy Centre.

I was awarded a PhD in Social and Political Sciences by the European University Institute in 2017 for my thesis entitled  ‘Re-Thinking Turnout: Explaining Within-Individual Variation in Electoral Participation’.

I previously taught quantitative methods for the social sciences at the University of Sheffield and was a Junior Visiting Scholar at Nuffield College of the University of Oxford. I also was awarded an MSc by the London School of Economics. 

A list of my publications and other experiences can be found below:


Dennison, J. (2016) The Greens in British Politics: Protest, Anti-Austerity and the Divided Left. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan

Peer-Reviewed journal Articles

Dennison, J. (forthcoming) ‘How issue salience explains the rise of the populist right in Western Europe’ in International Journal of Public Opinion Research

Dennison, J. (forthcoming) ‘A Review of Public Issue Salience: Concepts, Determinants and Effects on Voting’ in Political Studies Review

Dennison, J. and Geddes, A. (2018) ‘A Rising Tide? The Salience of Immigration and the Rise of Anti-Immigration Political Parties in Western Europe’ in The Political Quarterly

Dennison, J., Carl., N. and Evans, G. (2018, online first) ‘European but not European Enough: An Explanation for Brexit’ in European Union Politics

Dennison, J. and Geddes, A. (2018) ‘The Perils of Europeanised Migration’ in Journal of European Public Policy, 25(8): 1137-1153

Dennison, J. (2018) ‘The rug pulled from under them: UKIP and the Greens in 2017’ in Parliamentary Affairs, 71(1): 91-108

Dennison, J. & Draege, J. (2017) ‘Making Sense of the 2016 Italian Constitutional Referendum’ in Mediterranean Politics, 23(3): 403-409

Birch, S. and Dennison, J. (2017, online first) ‘How Protest Voters Choose’ in Party Politics

Dennison, J. (2015) ‘The Other Insurgency? The Greens and the Election’ in Parliamentary Affairs, 68(1): 188-205

Dennison, J. & Goodwin, M. (2015) ‘Immigration, Issue Ownership and the Rise of UKIP’ in Parliamentary Affairs, 68(1): 168-187

Chapters in Edited Volumes

Dennison, J. & Goodwin, M. (2018), ‘The Radical Right in the United Kingdom’ in eds. Rydgren, J. The Oxford Handbook of the Radical Right. Oxford: Oxford University Press

Dennison, J., Grumbinaitė, I. and Oliver, T. (2018) ‘Baltic member states: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania’ in, ed. Oliver, T., Europe’s Brexit, Newcastle: Agenda.

Evans, G., Carl, N. and Dennison, J. (2017) ‘Brexit: The Causes and Consequences of the UK's decision to leave the EU’ in, eds. Castells, M. et al, Europe’s Crises. Chichester: Polity

Teaching experience

The Politics of the ‘Migration Crisis’: Attitudes, Behaviour & Policies, EUI PhD seminar, 2019

EU JRC Evidence and Policy Summer School, Lecturer, Speaker, 2017, 2018

Migration Policy Centre Summer School, Lecturer, 2017, 2018

University of Sheffield, Graduate Teaching Assistant , 2015-2016 (POL229 - Political Analysis: Research Design and Data Analysis (SPSS))

Working Papers / Research in Progress

‘Why is there no populist radical right party in Spain and Portugal?’ (under review)

‘The Determinants of Party Support After the Arab Spring: Libya, Egypt, Tunisia’ (under review)

 ‘Re-specifying the relationship between human values and attitudes to immigration’

‘Immigration, attitudes, salience and support for the radical right’ (under review)

‘Voter Psychology and Turnout: A Panel Data Approach’ (under review)

‘Socialisation and Voter Turnout: A Panel Data Approach’ (under review)

‘Resources and Voter Turnout:  A Panel Data Approach’ (under review)

‘Partisan Mobilisation and Voter Turnout: A Panel Data Approach’ (under review)

 ‘Attitudes to immigration: a meta-analysis’

Non-Academic Publications

Dennison, J. and Dražanová, L. (2018) Attitudes to Immigration in Europe and the Southern Mediterranean, ICMPD report

Contributor to: CEPS (2018) The Cost of Non-Europe in Migration Policy

Dennison, J. (2017) Strategic Report for the Green Party of England and Wales

Services to Profession

Reviewer – Electoral Studies; West European Politics; Bulletin of Economic Research; Parliamentary Affairs; Journal of Elections, Public Opinion and Parties; European Union Politics; Publius; Political Studies; Review of International Political Economy; Economic Inquiry; Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, Environmental Politics; Intersections: East European Journal of Society and Politics

Statistical software



National University of Singapore Summer School: Network Analysis, 2016

University of Essex Summer School: Time Series Analysis, 2015

University of Essex Summer School: Panel Data Analysis, Structural Equation Modelling, 2014

European University Institute Workshops: Regression Discontinuity, Diff-in-Diff, R, 2014 - 2016

Professional Experience

National Audit Office, London, United Kingdom, 2012 - 2013

The Houses of Parliament, London, United Kingdom, 2011 - 2012

The European Commission, Brussels, Belgium, 2010 - 2011

The House of Lords, London, United Kingdom, 2009 - 2010

Research Positions

UKIP British Academy project, Lead Research Assistant, 2014 - 2015

EUandI: 2014 European Parliament Voting Advice Application, Team Leader: UK, 2013 - 2014

Invited Speaker

‘The political effects of attitudes to immigration’, MIDEM conference, Berlin, 2018

‘Brexit: Why the UK and why now?’, University of Amsterdam, 2018

‘Explaining Attitudes to Immigration in Europe’, European Parliament, Brussels, 2018

‘Attitudes to Immigration in Europe and the Southern Mediterranean’, Tunis, Tunisia, 2018

State of the Union 2018, EUI Florence, Narratives and Attitudes to Migration. See video here.

‘Understanding attitudes to immigration in Italy today’, 2018, Metropolis conference. See video here.

Presenting evidence to the European Parliament Select Committees. See video here.

‘What Europeans think of immigration’ at EPIM, Brussels, 2018

‘Looking behind the culture of fear’ Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Budapest, 2018

‘Public Attitudes on Migration’, European Commission talk with cabinet, Brussels, 2017

‘The Rise of Populism’, After dinner speaker with Barclays and McKinsey, London, 2017

‘International cooperation in responsibility-sharing for refugees’, American University in Cairo, 2017

‘Movements and Parties’, Invited workshop discussant at University of Aberdeen, 2017

‘Brexit: The Causes, Process and Consequences’, Swedish Network for EU Legal Studies, 2017

‘Explaining the Causes and Consequences of Brexit’, EUI, SPS department seminar, 2016

‘What now for the Green Party?’ Presentation to the Green Party of England and Wales HQ, 2016

Modelling individual dynamics with political science data, University of Essex, 2016

‘Still Strategic Eurosceptic and Polite Xenophobes?’, St. Antony’s College, 2015

‘Green party voters: populist, socialists or environmentalist’, Friends of the Earth, London, 2015


EGPP- ‘2017, Europe’s Bumper Year of Elections’, EUI, 9/3/18

‘An Explanation for Brexit’ & ‘Re-specifying Values and Attitudes to Immigration’, EPOP, 10/9/17

‘How Protest Voters Choose’, Political Studies Association, Brighton, 21/3/16

‘The Greens at the 2015 General Election’, Elections, Public Opinion and Parties (EPOP), 12/11/15

‘Explaining Changing Political Interest’ 8th Swiss Household Panel Conf., Lausanne, CH, 2/6/15

‘Immigration and the Rise of UKIP’, British Votes Election Conference, Manchester, 29/5/15

‘Explaining Changing Political Interest’ German Socio-Economic Panel Symposium, Bremen, 13/3/15

‘Changing Financial Circumstances and Voter Turnout’ ECPR Conference, Glasgow, 5/9/2014

Blog Posts and Press

  On-going blogging at https://medium.com/@jamesdennison_7425

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